Jeffrey M. Epstein


I am a graduate student in the physics department at UC Berkeley, working with Professors Birgitta Whaley and Kranthi Mandadapu. My interests include quantum information and computation, and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and thermodynamics.

I organize the Berkeley Quantum Information and Computation Center (BQIC) seminars. Informal and student talks are welcome. Contact me if you are interested in giving a talk.

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NM Tubman, C Mejuto-Zaera, JME, D Hait, DS Levine, W Huggins, Z Jiang, JR McClean, R Babbush, M Head-Gordon, KB Whaley. Postponing the orthogonality catastrophe: efficient state preparation for electronic structure simulations on quantum devices. 2018 (arXiv)

JME, K Klymko, KK Mandadapu. Statistical Mechanics of Transport Processes in Active Fluids II: Equations of Hydrodynamics for Active Brownian Particles. 2018 (arXiv)

JME, KB Whaley. Quantum Speed Limits for Quantum Information Processing Tasks. 2017 (arXiv)

JME, AW Cross, E Magesan, JM Gambetta. Investigating the limits of randomized benchmarking protocols. 2014 (arXiv)


Speed Limits for Quantum Control of Local Spin Systems (SQuInT 2017)


Quantum search complexity, Grover's algorithm, Elitzur-Vaidman bomb detection — see here for other notes from CS 294

Bell’s theorem

PSI masters essay on magic state computation and the stabilizer formalism

Fourier transforms on discrete groups and the QFT