Jeffrey M. Epstein


I am a theoretical physicist broadly interested in quantum information and quantum computation. At present, I work as a Quantum Applications Engineer at Atom Computing in Berkeley, California, where we are building a quantum computer based on trapped neutral atoms. I'm always happy to talk to anyone interested in quantum information!

I received my PhD in physics from UC Berkeley, where I was worked with Professors Kranthi Mandadapu and Birgitta Whaley. Before that, I obtained my masters at Perimeter institute in Waterloo, Ontario and my AB at Harvard College. For more information, please see my CV.

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Quantum Information

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Active Matter

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Translation of letter communicating the original paper on the Soret effect

Conserved Quantities of the Free Electromagnetic Field

Some notes on quantum foundations

Quantum search complexity, Grover's algorithm, Elitzur-Vaidman bomb detection — see here for other notes from CS 294

Bell’s theorem

PSI masters essay on magic state computation and the stabilizer formalism

Fourier transforms on discrete groups and the QFT

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